When doing Mediumship, I will be connecting you to the spirit world or “The Other Side”. Essentially, a Medium acts as a telephone to the afterlife, but not necessarily a direct line to specific people who have crossed over. A Medium cannot summon a particular spirit, we can only make the connection and see who shows up. When being read, I ask that only those who want a reading, A.K.A. the “sitter”, be present in the room when I begin communicating. The reason for this is that anyone can show up. So, if there are people other than the sitter, the messages can be for anyone present. Before every reading, I always ask that I contact only spirits of the most high and positive nature. I also ask that the information brought forward be only for my clients highest good, healing, and personal development. This helps protect both the sitter and myself and makes for a very impactful experience. Spirit will often come through not only with information to validate their presence and their love, but they typically offer information about future events.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are done via Zoom or over the Phone, Monday – Wednesday 2-6PM EST. Private sessions cost $280 and last 40 minutes.

Small Groups

Small groups (2-5 people) are also available via Zoom ONLY, Monday – Wednesday 2-6pm EST. They are $175 per person; the duration depends on the amount of people attending.

In Person Events

In person large group events are also available schedule permitting. (Pricing upon request)

Legal Disclaimer: When scheduling an appointment with me you are agreeing and understand I am not a Medical Expert or Attorney and can not give Legal advice or Medical diagnosis. I will not be held responsible for any action or decisions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. I am not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of my services. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation.