It is an extreme pleasure to write a testimonial for a fellow Forever Family Foundation Medium. This past week I had a phone reading with Joe Perreta and I am still in awe! During the reading, I found myself smiling, giggling and on the verge of tears, as his messages were crystal clear and given with fine details. Joe brought through a variety of friends and family members with true evidence of their lives and specific messages for me. As a medium, I know they have never left us; but as a granddaughter, daughter and friend it is a welcomed heartwarming experience!

Catherine Nadal

Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium, Dream Central Station, LLC

“Joe is an incredible gifted soul. His energy and enthusiasm radiates across the room. He takes the time, patience and of the utmost higher good to deliver messages from those we have loved and lost. He brought a great sense of comfort during our session. Its as if we’d known each other for years! You can tell it brings him so much happiness to deliver these messages to you from the other side. He really enjoys what he does and it shows.


Joe specifically helped me deal with my gifts which i was denying for so long and will continue to support me which helps me more than anyone else I’ve ever met as a psychic medium in my entire life. I will be forever grateful.


I believe everything in life happens for reason and if you’re lucky enough to get an hour with Joe, then you’ve done something right in this world to be given that honor.”


Justine, New York

I immediately felt comfortable with Joe. He took his time and was able to bring several members of my family to me who I have never spoken to in the three previous readings I have had with other mediums.


Joe clearly cares about what he does and is immensely passionate. It was my first time meeting Joe, who was recommended by a cousin. I was on holiday and figured, why not? So glad I did. My maternal grandmother told me a few things via Joe that I was not aware of, and gave me a deeper insight into her as a person. I recorded the whole thing on my phone. Joe had said you can ask your mother a few things – as I don’t always know the details of family history. Sure enough, I played the session to my mother and she confirmed the facts.


I think it is a wonderful experience to be able to speak to past relatives. Whether or not people believe in spirits there is no denying Joe is a real person and our conversation took place. I don’t need to work out the big questions of life to appreciate that mediums are out there and there’s no harm in trying Joe out and seeing for yourself. I come away feeling like I am never alone and I’ve come to not fear death – as it sounds like there’s a whole bunch of people there waiting to say I love you.


Melissa, London, UK

Joseph, you just get more and more amazing; whether you have read me one on one or in a group reading, you have fulfilled all my expectations of what a psychic medium can deliver. I have had readings with an assortment of psychic mediums over the years, one of which is a very well known psychic medium. While most have given me interesting readings you have something special. I suspect that spirit is drawn to you because of your beautiful energy. I truly believe in your talent but I also believe that spirit is, especially, drawn to you because you are a beacon for loving energies.

I have referred some of my closest friends to you and I would like to share what they have shared with me about the readings that you have given them:

One friend is very ill. After her first reading with you, she was very pleased and she has since had 2 reading by you. Besides your messages being validated, I believe that you have given her something that energizes her. Your messages from her loving family have given her vitality and hope, the one thing that the doctors and her treatments cannot give her. The other person is my closest friend, someone I consider my sister, I know you did not know anything about her before you gave her a phone reading (she lives in Florida).

From the moment you starting reading her she was stunned. Not only did you pick up about the death of her son, how he died, but the unbelievable details of what her son is observing right now; in her life, the lives of his children, his wife, his sister and messages from other relatives from the other side. Prior to the reading, my friend told me she wrote a list of questions that she wanted to ask you. Towards the end of the reading (she hadn’t asked the questions) she looked down at the list that she left by the phone and discovered that you answered every single question. When your phone session ended, she called me. She told me that she found the peace that she was searching for in regards to her son’s death. She told me the details of your reading and I cannot believe how accurate you were about the life she has lived.

I look forward to meeting with again. I plan on having another group of friends over for a group reading in the near future. I want everyone to experience your amazing talent and energy.


New York

Joe’s ability to communicate and to connect is a rare and precious gem. He provides a safe and loving environment to spiritually connect. He is kind and respectful while reading, mindful of both sides of the conversation. I would recommend Joe without reservation.



Good Morning Joseph,


I had a reading with you last Thursday. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your gift and insights with me. It was a great pleasure to have met you. I will let you know, if you like, how the future unfolds in relation to the reading. The most wonderful takeaway message from the reading was to hear my mother and grandmother love me and are with me. Hope you are having a wonderful day.


Yvonne O.,
New York


I really want to thank you for my reading in this little letter. I feel so much better and peaceful! We all in our life need help from time to time and for me as a Scorpio, it’s a very hard thing to do-ask for help. I’m glad I did. I think you’ve done a wonderful job and gave me a road map on my way to happiness. Thank you for explaining to me about the way I loose myself in people’s energy, I had no idea! Don’t be shy, do what you can do the best! I’m happy to see a young man that helps people and knows how to change their life in a better way! Enjoy your journey!

Yuliya S.


Good morning little Aries,


I wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoyed the reading, it felt so personal and warm, not an impersonal detached talk but a chat between friends. You truly have a gift for the intuitive part but also for putting a client at ease, even with tricky topics. This morning, I feel very calm and for that I thank you!


Sue C., New Jersey

Hi Joe,


I want to thank you for the other night’s reading, all the girls were very pleased with the contacts you were able to connect with for them. It was a great experience, even for the newbies! I have no idea what you left behind, but it has had such a positive reflection on my dream pattern and reelection. I can’t remember the last time I dreamt as clear and as vivid prior to your energy in this house. Thank you.


Janet, New York

I enthusiastically recommend Joe Perreta to anyone considering a reading with a profoundly gifted Psychic/Medium. Within minutes of meeting him, you’ll be convinced of his ability to connect, interpret, and articulate the messages your loved ones are looking to convey. I wholeheartedly believe in his gift because he spontaneously read me while connecting to my paternal grandfather who I’ve never met and Joe’s accuracy was absolutely incredible. The private details of family history and the facts of my own past were communicated with exact correctness. There is no rational explanation for his validity other than his God given abilities to connect with Spirit. As one of his clients, I thoroughly enjoy his flair. Joe has a idiosyncratic style in his communication style where he’ll deliver messages based on the visual images he sees – he’ll see pop culture references, tangible items, geographic locations, etc. – and connects the dots to his clients in really exceptional ways. You’ll walk away from the reading with a newfound sense of: your connection to your loved ones, an array of spiritual topics, and, frankly, the meaning of this thing called life. You probably won’t interpret symbols the same away again and it’s for the better. Our reading was one of the most eye opening, horizon expanding experiences of my entire life and I am so grateful for his gift. If you’re looking for clarification, validation, understanding, or perhaps a nudge in the right direction, please allow Joe to help you see or hear what you need to from the loved ones who know you best.

Colin B.

New York

I have had the pleasure of being read by Joseph several times and am amazed at the accuracy of the information that was given. Joseph knew nothing of the praying mantis I named Harold that had shown up on my doorstep two weeks prior to me going for a healing of an illness that I had been diagnosed with.  The praying mantis stayed outside my front door and greeted me every time I went out the door, turning his head as I said hi to him and even at one point letting me pet him. The day of my healing I sat on the front step next to Harold and said wish me luck, I’m going for my healing, pray that I am healed.  When I came home from the healing Harold was gone.  I was so sad!  Several weeks later I went to my reading with Joseph and my deceased father came through and told Joseph to tell me about Harold and that he knew all about him. My father said “I am Harold”!  I cannot tell you the emotions that came over me.  Many other things in my readings have come true as well!  I highly recommend having a reading with Joseph for any questions you may have or if you want to connect with the deceased or your angels and guides.  I know I will have many more readings from Joseph in the future.


Diana M.,
New York

Dear Joe,


Beauty, energy, compassion, dedication
The beauty of your words fill ones ears as you speak and brings them much joy
The energy that emanates from your being lights up a room
The compassion and dedication for your work is inspirational
I thank you for sharing your very special gift with me on many occasions
I thank you for giving me the pleasure and honor to call you my friend
Much love always