Energy Cleansing 101

Dec 8, 2014

Energy Cleansing 101

In my opinion, a home can never be too clean. I feel this way about the energy in a space as well. Being a Psychic Medium, I’m constantly cleansing the energy in my reading room, bedroom, living room, and pretty much every other room in which I feel “stale” or negative energy. I’m certain it drives my family insane! Here are a few easy ways you can keep the energy in your home just as clean as your freshly mopped floors! 

Smoke Cleanings: This is the most popular method for getting rid of unwanted energy. Smoke Cleansing is just burning sage, or a combination of herbs, in a space with the intention of cleansing the energy. You can cleanse items as well by passing them through the smoke of your burning sage. It’s really easy, but I’ll give you a quick step by step anyway.

  1. Buy yourself some white sage (that’s my personal favorite). You can get this at most New Age gift stores. Look into cleansing herb sticks/herb blends if you’re interested. One mix I like is sage and lavender; the lavender brings relaxation and peace while the sage cleanses.
  2. Some people like to buy loose sage leaves and burn the sage in something heat resistant like a shell or a ceramic bowl while fanning it with your hand or a feather. Personally, I like the sage or blend that’s sold in a bundle. You just light up the tip, blow out the flame, and cleanse. When you’re done you just put it out as you would a cigar.
  3. Now here comes the energetic part. While your sage is burning, walk to one corner of the room. Some people say the particular corner matters; I disagree. While you’re in the corner stoking the burning sage, set your intention to clear the energy. I say, “ I dispel all negative energy and only allow positive energy and light into this space”. Anything along those lines will do.
  4. Repeat the process moving clockwise to each corner of the room. Again, the direction in which you move doesn’t matter much in my own humble opinion, but some people would strongly disagree with me!
  5. When you’re done with all 4 corners, open a window or door if they aren’t open already. With your hands “push” or “shoo” the energy out the door or window. This helps really drive your intention home…and get the smoke out of the room.

Clean: Whenever we do something physically there is always an energetic counter part. If we want to cleanse the energy of our home, office, classroom, etc. sage isn’t always necessary. Just cleaning with the intention of getting rid of dust bunnies AND any negative or stale energy lingering in the space is usually quite effective. It seems simplistic, and it is, but it works!

Incense/oil burner: There are a ton of incense “scents” that can clear out negative energy in a room; lavender and patchouli are good for cleansing and raising the vibration. Burning essential oils in an oil burner is a superb method and I always use it in conjunction with smoke cleansing. Some oils that cleanse and/or raise the vibration of a room are as follows: rose, patchouli, tea tree, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, atlas Cedarwood, and pine just to name a few. Experiment with what oils are pleasing to you and eventually you’ll find the right oil(s).

Happy cleansing!