Aug 21, 2017


Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from my spirit guides about where we’re headed as a country and as humans; I don’t think you need to be psychic to know that it’s not in the best direction…but there is hope. They often repeat that we are living in a time when there is no more room for false personas and the masks that people wear to disguise their true selves must be removed. This is a time for illumination and reckoning they say, no big deal right?

 I needed to know the purpose of them relaying such serious information. For a while I’ve been coming up empty handed, that was until I came across the following quote: “There’s no Photoshop or filter for your energy”. Even though it’s not the most profound or eloquent statement, the moment I read it everything they have been saying made perfect sense.

Now before I continue, I need to say that I don’t want this post to be viewed as only political because at its core I’m writing to let you know that everything happening in the world is happening for the greater good and also to encourage you to live truthfully and intuitively; however one cannot speak about such things exclusively at this time.

The election of president Trump is illuminating our issues in this country, much like a PET-Scan is used to identify cancer in the human body, and in turn highlighting what we need to work on personally and as a collective. Whether you like the man or not he has caused so many things once hidden to come to light, and although he was not my choice for commander of the free world, for the silver lining I am grateful.

People also feel more comfortable speaking their minds (no matter what is on their minds) because that’s the precedent the President has set. Recently that has very disturbingly turned violent and fatal. I still believe that love will ultimately prevail and something good will come out of tragic events like the one in Virginia. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I do feel that events like these are meant to elucidate the current state of the human spirit. To further clarify: I believe it’s important for us to not only see these events for the horrors that they are, but to sympathetically yet objectively take a step back and examine what is to be learned about our spiritual evolution or lack there of. If we can do that, we learn what is truly the matter and can start working on making ourselves whole again; because our problems are not political they are spiritual.

In my opinion, this is a blaring signal from the universe for us to start developing our intuitive gifts. The world is and always has been a full of people who would like you to believe they’re something that they’re not and it just won’t work that way anymore. Many of our problems stem from dishonesty, misconceptions, misinformation, and just general maleficence. If we all embraced our intrinsic intuitive nature more readily then we would perceive the energy of individuals and situations for what it truly is and be able to avoid the many pitfalls that come along with being “energy blind”. I’ll say it again: you can’t disguise energy! In this day and age where we have to question even the news, energy is the only thing we can count on. We need believe this and use it to our advantage.

So it’s up to all of you truth-seekers, light-workers and most importantly those who have survived the process of becoming more self-aware; to come together, to see through all the bullshit, and to uncover the truth.