Who Said Nothing Good Comes Easily?

Jan 8, 2015

Who Said Nothing Good Comes Easily?

It is popular opinion that when things are going too well or come to easily that there must be something wrong. When something comes easily people start to wonder if they are underprepared, perhaps too ignorant and untalented to see their mistakes. It’s as if ease is the precursor to disaster. The whole concept is a crock! When the hell has anything ever been too easy?! If you’re putting in the work and opportunities are coming to you with little struggle then you’re doing it right! Even if you haven’t put in work and wonderful opportunities still present themselves, I’d bet a million dollars that’s something you’re supposed to be involved in. I’d like to share with you a little bit of my life’s journey, cheap divorce.

I’ve always been a musician. I went to school for music; I live it and I breathe it. Finding opportunities in music never came easy and rightfully so; it’s a very competitive business! Nonetheless, even the smallest of opportunities presented their challenges. That all changed when I realized I wanted to pursue being a psychic medium.

I moved home after college and was unemployed for some time. I decided to meditate and become a more spiritual person, working on my chakras with the help of professional psychics, and developing my intuitive faculties in between job searching. To make a long story extremely short, a family member just so happens to be friends with a well-known and respected medium who I had the pleasure of meeting and the rest is really history.

From that connection I made many others. I recently acquired office space and that came about from a chance meeting. It’s the perfect space and ends up being the old office of a colleague whose work I trust and respect explicitly. I believe my connection to her was my signal from spirit to move forward with my plans.

I haven’t had to struggle very hard for opportunities. I do work very hard to perfect my craft and improve professionally, but I must admit it’s been a pretty nice ride. Everything just seems to literally fall into place. I believe that’s because I’m following the path my soul is supposed to be taking in this lifetime. Everyone should work hard to move forward in his or her career, but I’m convinced that when you do what it is you are supposed to do, everything will come together with ease. I’m not saying miracles don’t happen or if your lucky break hasn’t come that you’re in the wrong field, I just mean to say that when it’s right it’s right!

Don’t stumble into the trap that just because something is going “too” well or happening “too” easily that it’s just the precursor for the next cataclysm in your life. Honor what the divine is providing for you, don’t presume to know better than the universe. Accept the gift that is your calling. Your path is your own and that’s beautiful, don’t question it.