The Houses

Dec 1, 2014

The Houses

The houses are the “Where” in astrology. Each of the 12 houses in your birth chart rules different areas of your life and even says something about the people related to those houses. Each house has a “Natural ruler” and then the sign that rules a house in your chart specifically. It helps to associate each house with its “Natural” ruler when trying to understand what it represents. The house any given planet resides in will tell you where that planet is mostly expressed and adds an extra layer of energy to help you understand the planet. For instance, if you have a Mars in Gemini in the 8th house, your Mars will have a Scorpio feel to it as well as being in the sign of Gemini.

1st House: Angular. The first house cusp is your Rising Sign or Ascendant. Your body, the way you look, how you view the world, the first impression you give people or your outward personality, how other people see you. The natural ruler of this house is Aries.

2nd House: Succedent. Talents and abilities, your money, your relationship to money, self-worth, values, your possesnsion. The natural ruler of this house is Taurus.

3rd House: Cadent. Communication and how you communicate, your siblings, your neighbors, writing, short trips, transportation, how we communicate with others on a daily basis, your everyday environment. The natural ruler is Gemini.

4th House: Angular. The cusp of this house is called the Imum Coeli or IC for short. Your early childhood, the conditions at the end of your life, your parents; particularly the mother, psychological impressions from your early childhood, family, your home, what gives you emotional security, your roots. The natural ruler of this house is Cancer.

5th House: Succedent. Children, creativity, risks, luck and gambling, self-expression, one-night stands, love, romance, sports, clubs, bars, pleasure, sexuality, fun. The natural ruler of this house is Leo.

6th House: Cadent. Daily routine, your job, hygiene, small pets, your health, work environment, working conditions, habits. The natural ruler of this house is Virgo.

7th House: Angular. This house cusp is called the Descendant. This house rules marriage, your spouse, clients, how you pick your partners and what kind of people you are attracted to, legal issues, business partners, agents, one-on-one relationships. The natural ruler of this house is Libra.

8th House: Succedent. Death, rebirth, regeneration, occult, metaphysics, mediums, psychics, taxes, other people’s money, investments, debt, research, spies, spouses money, sex, deepest darkest secrets and issues. The natural ruler of this house is Scorpio.

9th House: Cadent. Higher education, long distance travel, publishing, philosophy, religion, in-laws, foreign things and people, beliefs. The natural ruler of this house is Sagittarius.

10th House: Angular. This house cusp is called the Medium Coeli or MC. This house represents your career, your social status or what you are known for, your profession, your father, ambition, public recognition, reputation, contribution to the world, authority figures. The natural ruler of this house is Capricorn.

11th House: Succedent. Hopes and dreams, friends, organizations, your view on the world and society, how humanitarian you are, teachers, how do we relate to society on the whole. The natural ruler of this house is Aquarius.

12th House: Cadent. Anything hidden, asylums, prisons, hospitals, monasteries, self-undoing, “blind spot” within ourselves, hidden enemies, the divine, the “other side”, anything mystical or transcendental, Karma. The natural ruler of this house is Pisces.