The Signs

Dec 1, 2014

The Signs

The 12 astrological signs of the Zodiac are the “How” in astrology, meaning how the planets and houses are expressed. These descriptions are meant to give you a general sense of what the energy of each sign is like. By no means is this a complete description of the near endless possibilities of expression contained within the zodiac.

Aries: The first sign in the zodiac. A Cardinal Fire Sign. Its symbol is the Ram. The “God of War”.Aries energy is headstrong, fast, and very passionate. Aries are usually quick tempered and when angered it is very intense and explosive, but they burn out quickly. At it’s worst; Aries is extremely selfish and doesn’t care at all about the needs of others. This kind of Aries will take what he needs and not think twice about the consequences. At it’s best; there is a sort of innocence to Aries. These people are optimists! The straightforward nature of the sign does not typically lead them to be liars or anticipate the scheming of others.

Taurus: The second sign in the zodiac. A Fixed Earth sign. Its symbol is the Bull. Taurus people have a sensual, sometimes almost hedonistic nature. This is a sign that loves the finer things in life. Comfortable fabrics, gourmet food, diamonds, anything that represents the best parts of the physical world really gets most Taurus people going. They also happen to love physical pleasure. There is usually some aptitude for the arts and fashion. At its worst, Taurus energy can be very lazy, materialistic, and stubborn. At its best, think mother earth.

Gemini: The Third Sign in the Zodiac. A Mutable Air Sign. Its symbol is the Twins. Gemini is witty. Gemini has 1000 friends. Everyone knows quite a few Geminis because this sign happens to embody the energy of fun, flirty, superficial interactions. I don’t mean to say that Geminis don’t deeply connect, but the energy of this sign is cerebral not emotional. Beware of the negative side of Gemini that loves to gossip, start trouble, and can’t keep a secret. Geminis get a reputation for being twofaced, I believe that is because the mind of a Gemini is always running, changing, processing information, and forming opinions that from day to day it may seem like a totally different person! Communication is like air to this sign.

Cancer: The Fourth Sign in the Zodiac. A Cardinal Water Sign. Its symbol is the Crab. Cancer energy is highly emotional, almost to a volatile level. They feel first, think later. Think of their symbol, a crab has a soft body inside a tough exterior. Cancer people have to keep their guard up at all times or they will be bombarded by feelings. They are extremely caring, loving, and family oriented people. This energy is all about feeling safe. Negatively, Cancer expresses itself as needy, overbearing, and selfish. A negative Cancer will let their emotions run away with them, getting upset over insignificant things and making their sensitivity everyone else’s problem. On the flip side, a Cancer can be the most caring, loving and comfortable spot to rest your weary head. Cancer’s make great nurses, teachers, doctors, and parents.

Leo: The Fifth sign in the Zodiac. A Fixed Fire Sign. Its symbol is the Lion. Leo is most well known for having a flare for the dramatic. A lot of great actors have Leo energy within their charts. Leos are a sign of fierce loyalty, generosity, opulence, and confidence. The king of the jungle, this sign of the Lion embodies all that is regal. A bad little Leo can be pretentious, overly dramatic or attention seeking, vain and quite frankly just full of hot air!

Virgo: The Sixth sign in the Zodiac. A Mutable Earth Sign. Its symbol is the Virgin. The key word for Virgo is discrimination. I mean that in both the good and not so good way. Virgo energy is highly analytical, put together, and organized. It is also a sign of service. If you can stack up to what a Virgo deems to be an acceptable human, you have yourself a friend/lover who will do anything for you, who will show their love in little chores and physical acts of service. The negative side: they can be extremely critical and judgmental. Virgos can also be perfectionists to a fault! Sometimes, their judgments can keep relationships on a surface level. A secret about the sign of the Virgin…they are one of the most sensual signs in the entire zodiac.

Libra: The Seventh sign in the Zodiac. A Cardinal Air sign. Its symbol is the Scales. Libras are at their happiest around other people. This is another very social sign. Libras are full of grace, peaceful, and charming people. Most of them will do all they can to keep the peace in a situation. They can be vain, unhealthily codependent, extremely flaky, and indecisive. Libras are very artistic, but they make great lawyers too. Libra energy is all about fairness and compromise, not to mention beauty.

Scorpio: The Eighth sign in the Zodiac. A Fixed Water sign. Its symbol is the Scorpion. Scorpio energy is the most misunderstood in the entire zodiac, so much so that it would take me an entire article to clear it up for you. The essential positive qualities: psychic, independent, perceptive, deeply emotional, loyal, passionate, and intense. The negative: obsessive, addictive personalities, jealous, vengeful, sneaky, and suspicious. With all of this being listed, you must know that Scorpios see through all facades. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool these guys and it is that perception that makes them so intense, dark and misunderstood. This is the sign of death and transformation. Its capacity to heal and transform isn’t glamorous, but it is unimaginably powerful.

Sagittarius: The Ninth sign in the Zodiac. A Mutable Fire Sign. Its symbol is the Archer. Sagittarius is optimistic, outspoken, honest, and truth seeking. Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning so you can expect these folks will be pretty smart. Sagittarius energy can also be crass, a little too honest, and have a blatant disregard for other’s feelings when they say things. They’re also known to be irresponsible and quite reckless. No matter how Sagittarius energy is expressed, there is always a need for freedom; there is a wonderful urge to explore the world.

Capricorn: The Tenth sign in the Zodiac. A Cardinal Earth Sign. Its symbol is the Goat. Capricorns are responsible, conservative, pragmatic, and disciplined. When expressed in a negative way, Capricorns can be too concerned with work or social status. They can end up being the quintessential social climber, stepping on anyone to get to the top. They can also become hardened and cold. On the other hand, a strong moral pillar of the community or a wise old sage can both describe Capricorn energy.

Aquarius: The Eleventh Sign in the Zodiac. A Fixed Air Sign. Its symbol is the Water Bearer. What can you say about Aquarius people? Well, they’re eccentric and individual to say the least. This is a sign of innovation. A positive expression of this energy always has some humanitarianism attached to it. Aquarius people love to revolutionize countries, industries, societies, etc. They are independent and inventive. Negatively, Aquarius can be unemotional, essentially…a robot. They might also be stubborn and rebellious because it is in their nature and they don’t like to be told what to do, not necessarily because they feel they need to in order to better society.

Pisces: The Twelfth Sign in the Zodiac. A Mutable WaterSign. Its symbol is the fish. Pisces people are some of the sweetest people you’ll find anywhere. This energy is accepting, caring, intuitive, compassionate, and super dreamy. You find that many Pisces seem like they’re “half in, half out” most of the time. The negative qualities of this sign: overly dreamy, lazy, self-pity, escapism, and being not quite rooted in the physical world or even their own identity. Sometimes, they forget about their own needs and focus too much on other people.